Mottos: “Either eclecticism or boredom”
“There is nothing you have to know about an artist except its artworks”
Interests: philosophy, poetry, metaphysics, pataphysics, psychoanalysis, semiotics, society, humanism, naturalism, naturism, anarchism, environment, sea, macrobiotics, art
Styles: conceptual, real, surreal, symbolic, dada, pop, minimal, vintage, modern, arte povera, fluxus, oneiric, expressionist, street, lowbrow
Techniques: photography, video, animation, digital graphics, printing, drawing, painting, audio, music, assemblage, sculpture, writing, poetry, performance
Inspirational artists: Albrecht Dürer, Alfred Kubin, Allan Kaprow, Cesare Pietroiusti, Chris Cunningham, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Giorgio de Chirico, Herman de Vries, Joel-Peter Witkin, Max Ernst, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Piero Manzoni, René Magritte
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